Enabling glycan biomarker detection & analysis

Glycosensors and Diagnostics, LLC (G&D) is commercializing enabling technologies for applications in glycoscience. G&D’s Lectenz® reagents are engineered with high affinity and specificity for glycan structures of interest. G&D is also translating its Lectenz® technology into an easy-to-use application platform called GlycoSense™ for glycan detection and analysis in applications such as disease biomarker detection and bioprocessing of biologics and biosimilars.


G&D receives best poster award at 2016 Biomanufacturing Technology Summit for bioprocess monitoring of glycans via GlycoSense™.

Dr. Kausar N. Samli (CEO) receives Georgia Bio's 2016 Emerging Leader of the Year award.

G&D participates in 2015-2016 Advanced Commercialization Track in the NIH Commercialization Accelerator Program.

G&D presents as part of the Bioscience Company Showcase at the 2015 Georgia Bio Innovation Summit.

G&D exhibits at BIO 2015 in Philidephia as part of the State of Georgia's Pavilion.

Dr. Lori Yang (CSO) receives 2015 Amelia Earhart Innovator Award.

G&D awarded NIH STTR Phase I based on Lectenz® technology.

Dr. Kausar N. Samli (CEO) participates in panel discussion to highlight biotech growth in Georgia.

G&D participates in 2014-2015 Commercialization Training Track in the NIH Commercialization Accelerator Program.

G&D participates in I-Corps South.

Prof. Robert J. Woods (President) receives 2014 Academic Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

G&D awarded NIH STTR Phase II and SBIR Phase II based on Lectenz® technology.

G&D awarded NIH SBIR Phase I based on GlycoSense™ technology.


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